[VIDEO] Ferguson protestors schedule National HWY I-70 shutdown for Wednesday

(KTVI) – Wednesday protestors plan to shut-down interstate-70 over the shooting of Michael Brown.

The shutdown is scheduled to take place in the afternoon at I-70 and Hanley Road.

Organizers say the shutdown is because Governor Jay Nixon’s refused to replace county prosecutor Bob McCulloch with a special prosecutor.

The highway patrol says it will enforce highway laws and anyone who breaks the laws will face consequences.

The patrol also says it will try to provide safe passage for the drivers trying to get through the area.

Details were released Monday of a planned civil disobedience shutdown of Interstate70 on Wednesday. The Justice for Michael Brown Leadership Coalition, who is organizing the event, says the shutdown is in response to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s refusal to appoint a special prosecutor in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

The shutdown is scheduled for Wednesday, September 10, at 3:00pm on I-70 at Hanley Road.

Attorney and activist Eric Vickers said at a news conference, “We are taking this direct action on the tenth because we are using the means of civil disobedience that Doctor Martin Luther King used to affect change. It is going to cause people some discomfort. It is going to cause inconvenience to people. That is a small price to pay to change the conditions of African-American youth and it’s a very small price to pay to bring justice to Michael Brown.”

Organizers say Wednesday’s civil disobedience will be the start of a campaign that will continue and escalate until demands are met.

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