The ‘Moment Of Silence’ Is Not Biblical

We as a nation of Sheeple, have been conned. Yes, we have been bamboozled by the liberals and atheists. We have given up our voice in the public arena, for silence. By conceding on prayer, with the now always substituted, moment of silence. Being pleased with ourselves, all the while thinking, we won the battle. Not true, Biblically speaking, we have not merely compromised, but have entirely surrendered Gods’ public place, and our power.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane, to see when officially this oppression was heaved upon us. Known as the moment of silence crap.

Apparently, the process got on a roll with the public school prayer debate. That then evolved to effect the public adult arena as well. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1962, that official organization, sponsorship, or endorsement of school prayer is forbidden by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution in public school.

Ok, so let me get this straight. So prayer which is also “Free speech”, is forbidden in the First Amendment? Which guarantees free speech? WTH? I didn’t know the Constitution’s First Amendment mentioned public schools. It would take someone with a law degree to screw that up.

moment-of-silenceNow, in more recent rulings here exists one of the classic court flip flop moments. Quote again per Wikipedia, “Other rulings have forbidden public, organized prayer at school assemblies, sporting events, and similar school-sponsored activities. DID YOU HEAR THAT? Ok, previous paragraph ruling said, (government run) public schools can forbid prayer. Now, even the “public”, have been forbidden prayer at anything the government run school participates in.

Obviously there is more content to this debate. But, I’m done with that. Enough blah, blah.

Added from Wikipedia. (Since silence contains no statements or assumptions concerning beliefs, it is more easily accepted and used than a spoken prayer) Yes I so agree, never a truer statement made. “Easily accepted”, here in lays the problem. What GOD are we being silent for? Hmmm? Father God? Snake god? Or Devil Daddy? A moment of silence is nothing.

With our voice we, ask, speak, rejoice, shout, exalt, worship, celebrate, tell, declare, hail, talk, praise, and make known.

Ask, and it shall be given to you. Matthew 7:7

Speaking, the truth in love. Ephesians 4:15

Rejoice, in the Lord always, again I say rejoice. Philippians 4:4

Shout, to the Lord with a voice of triumph. Psalm 47

Exalt, the Lord our God, and Worship at His holy mountain. Psalm 99:9

Celebrate, it as a feast to the Lord. Exodus 14:12

Tell, Pharaoh, let my people go. Exodus 9:1

Declare, His glory among the nations. Psalm 96:3

Hail, King of the Jews. John 19:3

Praise, be to the Lord, the God of Israel. Psalm 89:52

Make known, His deeds among the people. Psalm 105:1

The voice of faith speaks! Be silent no more!


By ++++Allen

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