By Thomas Madison

I can’t think of anyone I’d rather punch square in the face than Douchenozzle Ward Churchill. He is a career parasite, having made a life-long living of lying to young, impressionable Americans for a government paycheck, which he never had to worry about. That check went into his bank account every pay period, rain or shine, whether he actually did anything of value or not. And, frankly, that really pisses me off. 

Having been self-employed most of my adult life I can’t begin to describe the stress of making a payroll. In over 20 years of self-employment I am proud to say that I have never missed a payroll, I have never had an employee who didn’t get paid on time. There were many times, especially in the early days, when I didn’t get paid, but I never failed to pay my employees. NEVER! I am intensely proud of that.

It was tough when I looked across the dinner table at my kids and knew that I had failed, that I wasn’t able to provide for them, that weekend, the way I had planned/dreamed, regardless if it was as simple as a pizza dinner or a weekend at an amusement park. That is really tough. Nearly every person who chases the American Dream of self-employment experiences this.

Not only is Ward Churchill a career parasite and an enemy of America, he is also clueless as to what makes America and the world work. Trust me, Ward, it IS NOT teaching youngsters how horrible America is. Ward Churchill, and all those like him, are what is wrong with our country. They make me sick!

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