Days Before 9/11 Anniversary, Man Records Airport Security Mess-Up That Could Have Cost Lives

Last Saturday, Kahler Nygard boarded a Spirit Airlines plane from Minneapolis to Denver. Oddly, he was asked to be searched by TSA after the flight had landed.

As you can clearly tell, he wasn’t happy about it:

After he was forced to leave the plane in Denver, Nygard got into a very intense argument with TSA because they wanted to do a further security screening with him – even though he had already landed.

Why all the fuss? Kahler Nygard was on something called a “selectee list,” which is similar to the “no fly” list. The difference is that if you’re on this list you are allowed to fly, but individuals are forced to undergo a more thorough screening process. Fox 9 News Minneapolis explains:

Anyone who is on that watch list is supposed to get a physical pat down, and their bags are subjected to an additional check which usually involves bomb-detecting sensors. None of that happened to the man on flight 381…

The TSA will not say what the criteria is to get placed on the select list; however, some of the red flags include buying your ticket the same day, paying cash, or getting a one-way ticket. There have also been allegations of racial profiling.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul TSA employees missed the fact that Nygard was on the “selectee list” and never gave him the proper screening. It wasn’t until the plane was halfway to Denver that officials realized this.

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