Militia Vows To Take On Immigration Problem By Blocking International Bridges In Texas

According to KRGV, a militia has selected a number of bridges along the Rio Grande Valley for a Sept. 20 demonstration during which they will physically block entry into the U.S. Law enforcement officials in Starr County are reportedly preparing for the possibility of violence associated with the protest.

“I’m not going to lie to you,” said Rio Grande City Mayor Ruben Villarreal, “it’s going to make us nervous. We’re not used to seeing firearms being openly displayed.”

He explained that Texas law permits individuals to carry and display guns.

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Villarreal further indicates that his community is not only unfamiliar with the militia planning to pay a visit to the border; it has no experience with such citizen activism at all.

“We’ve never dealt with militia here in Starr County,” he said. “We don’t know what their temperament is or their personality might be.”

In any case, he insisted that local authorities will be prepared for any eventuality.
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