The Extremely Crazy Offensive Ad with a 4-Year-Old Doing Something So Outrageous CBS Had to Ban It

I have no words to describe my level of shame when it comes to how far the country I love so much, America, has sunk.

A short commercial of a 4-year-old girl reciting “The Pledge of Allegiance” to the United States in order to promote her grandfather’s real estate company has been banned by CBS Sports. Fox News reported about the segment:

The national cable sports network rejected a 30-second television advertisement from Windermere Real Estate that shows company owner Dave Retter’s adorable granddaughter delivering the pledge with her hand over her heart.

CBS Sports said the ad was “too political” to air during the network’s upcoming broadcast of the Wrangler Champions Challenge rodeo.

Obviously, there is nothing political about reciting the pledge in a commercial. The only way CBS Sports might have a case is if the 4-year-old was telling the viewers to vote for a specific political party or legislation.

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