[VIDEO] California Passes Bill Limiting Display of Confederate Flag

shutterstock_23962522California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill on Thursday that effectively bans state agencies from displaying or selling items bearing the Confederate flag.

The bill was introduced by an African-American assemblyman who contended that the flag is racist because it symbolizes the American southern states’ historical support for slavery. The bill was introduced after the state assemblyman, Isadore Hall, said his mother saw items at the Capitol Gift Shop in the state capital of Sacramento bearing the Confederate flag.

The bill passed 66-1, and the lone dissenter was a Republican who argued banning the flag would impede on First Amendment rights to free speech.

All indications are that California residents will still be allowed to use and display them privately, and will also be able to display them while protesting on state property.

The bill takes effect in January 2015.

Watch the report below, via KMPH:




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