18 Disgusted Twitter Responses to Obama’s ‘Latte Salute’ of Marine

Following the President’s unseemly “latte salute” – the Commander-in-Chief actually saluted a Marine with his coffee cup in hand – trouble was brewing for the Obama administration on news outlets and social media across the country. If you haven’t already seen it, refer to the video below.

The following are among the best reactions to the President’s coffee salute:


There were some clever headline rewrites:


It didn’t take long for someone to make a comparison to George W. Bush:

And it continued:

It also didn’t take long for the public to come up with a nickname for the disrespect shown by Obama:

Then there were those who came up with their own nickname for the act of disrespect:

Surprisingly enough, there were liberals who took issue with it:

Congressional candidate Dan Bongino posted a poignant reminder for the President:

This guy really puts it into perspective:


A well-reasoned take on the disrespect shown:

A very good observation from one observer:

And, of course, there were those who dragged George W. Bush into it in a pathetic attempt to make excuses for Obama:

As you would expect, there’s never a shortage of excuses from the left:


It didn’t take long for someone to set the liberal loon straight:


The bottom line is when it comes down to it, you should show the utmost respect for the men and women who would jump in front of a bullet for you:

Let’s make one thing clear, folks. This wasn’t a mere ‘slip of the tongue’ or off the cuff mistake. The Obama’s have ZERO respect for our military and for America. It has been seen time and again, in both his words and his actions. Simply put, Barack Obama and his wife are worthless pieces of shit and the presidency has been nothing more than a vacation since the day he took office.

I say it is impossible for a democrat/liberal to claim they’re a patriot or one who loves America because if there were a thread of truth to that claim, they never would’ve voted for a man such as Barack Obama.

H/T: IJReview

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