[WATCH] RARE INTERVIEW of ISIS Terrorist Giving 5 ALARMING Claims Of What the Group Is Planning Next

In an exclusive interview with Vice News, an ISIS terrorist from Canada revealed the Islamic State’s chilling agenda and said they will only stop when the “leaders of the infidels are beheaded.”

The terrorist being interviewed is Farah Shirdon, and is known for his presence in an ISIS propaganda video in which he says, “We are going for you, Barack Obama.”

Shirdon claims:

  1. He knows of thousands of people in the west ready to carry out terrorist attacks for ISIS.
  2. That he outsmarted Canadian intelligence officers when they tried to stop him from going to Syria because they suspected he may be a terrorist.
  3. ISIS has thousands more prisoners from the West that it plans to behead.
  4. The terror group claims that it will make those who oppose it their slaves.
  5. The Islamic State will attack New York soon.

As Shirdon’s passion for spilling blood intensifies, he says ISIS might stop when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is crucified. Puzzling enough, Shirdon even asks for the United States to simply leave ISIS alone and let them live under Sharia law.

Perhaps the most chilling aspect of the interview is that Shirdon’s warning matches one made by Iraqi government officials recently that ISIS would attack New York.

While the fight against the Islamic State is waging, the U.S. and its partners need to be extra vigilant. Because by most accounts, this only appears to the beginning of a new war on terror.

H/T: IJReview

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