[WATCH] Scarborough: FBI Called Beheading Workplace Violence Due to ‘Political Correctness’

On Morning Joe Monday morning host Joe Scarborough alleged the FBI was calling the beheading in Moore, OK this weekend an act of “workplace violence” because it was afraid of offending Muslims.

Nolen Alton was shot during a rampage Friday after beheading one woman and stabbing another at a food processing plant from which he had been recently fired. Alton had recently converted to Islam and had posted radical messages on social media about judgment day; however authorities have said thus far no connection had been found between the incident and radical Islam.

This last part was what set Scarborough off. “How stupid does the FBI think we are and who exactly are they afraid of offending, ISIS?” Scarborough demanded. “Moderate Muslims? Because moderate Muslims are just as scared as moderate Methodists.”

Scarborough offered no evidence that the FBI was intentionally misrepresenting its findings.

“And is political correctness now so pervasive throughout our government that the FBI can’t tell Americans the truth about the beheading? No! Trust me, Muslims are offended by this creep’s actions. But if the FBI now is so weakly resorting to political correctness after a beheading on American soil, can they really confront the evil that America faces and the threat of copycat killers? It’s insulting!”


Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:




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