Detroit Cop Suspended After Being Caught Wearing Murder Victim’s Expensive Watch

(Photo: Daniel Mears , The Detroit News )

A Detroit police homicide sergeant has been suspended after department officials found him wearing a murder victim’s expensive watch.

(Photo: Daniel Mears , The Detroit News )
(Photo: Daniel Mears , The Detroit News )

Sgt. Alex Vinson was the officer in charge of a case several months ago involving an unknown murder victim who was found wearing an expensive, German-made watch, Detroit Police Chief James Craig confirmed.

The watch was photographed and put into storage in the Homicide Section’s property room. The victim has not been identified, and the homicide case has gone cold.

This week, while Vinson was in Idaho for advanced police training, fellow homicide detectives decided to reopen the case.

The detectives wanted to take another look at the watch — but when they removed the victim’s belongings from the property room, the watch wasn’t the same one that was photographed at the start of the case. Instead, it was a cheaper model, Craig confirmed.

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