BREAKING: Doctor In New York Tests Positive For Ebola

A healthcare worker who recently returned from Ebola-stricken Guinea where he treated patients has been rushed to a New York City hospital with a fever and gastrointestinal symptoms. Tests returned “preliminary positive results” for Ebola.

Preliminary test results show that the patient is positive for the Ebola virus, the New York Times reports. The federal Centers for Disease Control will conduct further tests to confirm the initial result.

The doctor suffering symptoms of the disease was rushed to hospital on Thursday with “all necessary precautions”, according to the New York City Department of Health. He was identified as Dr. Craig Spencer who works with Doctors Without Borders.

New York City Councilor Mark Levine said earlier that authorities were discussing possible evacuation of the Harlem apartment building where he lived. “Our understanding is that very few people were in direct contact with [Spencer],” NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

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