[WATCH] Family Named “Kreuger” Causing Discomfort With Disturbing Halloween Decorations

One house in the New Jersey community of Bellmawr is causing outrage amidst neighbors for the owners’ choice of Halloween decorations, which include baby dolls hanging from rope nooses.

The “dangling dolls” are part of a larger holiday display outside the home of the Krueger family. (No, seriously, that’s their last name.)

Sick, or all in good fun?
Sick, or all in good fun?

And while some people in the hood are calling the display “disgusting” and “horrible,”even the family’s young children understand the creepy ornaments are all in good fun.

Naturally, Halloween is the Krueger family’s favorite holiday (how could it not be?) and they are very proud of their display.

“It’s hilarious and funny and scary all in one,” said 10-year-old Lily Krueger.

“I just love Halloween because it’s just so much fun to get scared and let yourself go,”said 8-year-old Greg.

“This is what scary is today,” dad Chris Krueger told reporters. “I don’t think people realize that. This is what the kids are into — The Conjuring, Annabelle.”

Despite local opposition demanding the dolls be taken down, the family says their undead babies aren’t going anywhere.

What do you think? Is this taking things a bit too far, or is this all in good fun?

Source: [ID] CrimeFeed

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