Screw-ups on Ebola: Another failure of big, expansive and expensive government

The national debt is ballooning toward $18-trillion. The expansion of government under the liberalism in carnet, Resident Obama, will add up to more than his predecessors combined. What has been the result of all of this deficit spending? We’ve had a failed stimulus, a crashing Obamacare, a border incapable of stopping thousands of children from crossing illegally, a weakened military and a bloated bureaucracy focused on abusing its authority rather than doing the job it’s supposed to do.

Case in point: the government’s response to the Ebola crisis has been rightly criticized. Let’s forget, for the moment, big government’s failure in allowing Ebola from Africa to flow right on to our front doorstep. The response should give pause to any American. Protecting the public health is something most all Americans agree is the responsibility of the government. The government has said they need countless American tax dollars to do this worthwhile job. We’ve been assured by Dan Pfeiffer, senior White House Advisor, that Team Obama has been working on a response to Ebola since the outbreak in West Africa seven months ago. In that time, our government has managed a memo to the nation’s hospitals. No special training, no special equipment, nothing!

I’m not the only one to observe this crisis as evidence of the failure of big and costly government. Cue to 18:35 and listen through the first break to hear the rationale:

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