Military Officials Remove Shocking Halloween Display From Fort Campbell Home

Controversial Halloween decorations have been removed from a home by military officials at Fort Campbell after residents claimed that it depicted a black family being lynched.

According to reports, Army officials at the Kentucky military base were made aware of the decorations when a photo was sent to them. The decorations depict a family hanging from tree branches. One of the figures has a sign around its neck, and the figure made to look like a small child has a knife in its back. Below one of the hanging figurines is a smaller child attempting to pull the hanging person down.

(via Clarksville Now)
(via Clarksville Now)

Military officials say they decided to have the decorations removed because they believe that people would take offense to it. The homeowner who put them up insisted that they weren’t meant to be offensive, but agreed to remove them anyway and apologized for offending people.

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