Convicted Felon Can’t Buy Gun, Begins Bludgeoning People With Hammer

Damien Robins

The arrest report for the recent hammer attacks reveals disturbing details of what happened that day.

On Oct. 24, the Boulder City Police Department received a report of an assault with a deadly weapon that occurred at the 7-Eleven on Nevada Way.

Damien Robins
Damien Robins

The victim stated while attempting to leave the parking lot, a vehicle pulled up next to her and stopped. The driver was later identified as 31-year-old Damien Robins.

Robins exited his vehicle and approached the woman with what appeared to be a hammer. Robins first asked the woman if she was lost, to which she said no. Robins then asked her if she was alone and she said yes.

According to the woman, Robins then began yelling and struck her windshield with the hammer, causing it to shatter. The woman put her vehicle in reverse and was able to get away.

Approximately 20 minutes later, police received a 911 call from a man who said he and his wife had been attacked with a hammer. The man said they were walking to their motor-home when a man, later identified as Robins, stopped his vehicle in the middle of the road.

Robins exited his vehicle with a hammer in his hand and approached the couple, while asking if they were lost. Suddenly, Robins began hitting the man with the hammer, causing him to fall to the ground. He then turned to the woman and struck her in the head several times with the hammer, rendering her unconscious.

While Robins was attacking the woman, her husband got up and ran over to Robins, and the two began fighting. Robins then retreated to his vehicle and took off.

The woman was treated for a concussion and received 10 sutures in her head.

Based on Robins’ direction of travel, Boulder City police advised the Henderson Police Department of the incidents and provided his vehicle description.

While speaking with Henderson police, it was learned that several simultaneous incidents were occurring in the area of Horizon Drive between Pacific Avenue and Arrowhead Trail.

Multiple victims and witnesses reported Robins engaging in road rage incidents, purposely striking other vehicles with his own, before attacking vehicles and people with his hammer.

Robins was ultimately located by Henderson police on Arrowhead Canyon Drive and taken into custody.

It was determined that Robins made contact with six additional victims in Boulder City and Henderson after the attack on the initial couple.

Officers later interviewed Robins’ wife, who said they were in a relationship for three years and Robins was addicted to methamphetamine.

She said he was fired from his job on Oct. 23. She said it’s not uncommon for Robins to, “Disappear for a few days when he’s high.”

Robins instructed her to drive to her bank and withdrawal $500. He then said he wanted her to buy a gun for him. Robins is a convicted felon and unable to possess firearms.

They drove to a gun shop to complete the necessary paperwork to purchase a gun. After leaving, Robins told her, “Today could be my last day and your last day” and that he, “Felt like bludgeoning someone.”

When they arrived home, the woman asked to leave to pick up their daughter and Robins agreed, but said to come right back. The woman instead fled to a friend’s house.

Robins then allegedly went on his hammer rampage.

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