[VIDEO] CORRUPTION: Chicago Police Captain Who Oversaw Torture of Hundreds of People Will Keep Pension

Former Chicago police captain, Jon Burge

The Illinois Supreme Court recently ruled 4-3 that Jon Burge, a former Chicago police captain accused of overseeing the torture of hundreds of people, will get to keep his $4,000-per-month pension.

Burge was fired in 1993 after police in his district were found to have tortured suspects by suffocation, forcing guns down their throats and electrocuting their genitals with cattle prods, all in an effort to get false confessions, reports Courthouse News.

Former Chicago police captain, Jon Burge
Former Chicago police captain, Jon Burge

As a result of the scandal, numerous convictions were overturned and all inmates on death-row got sentence reductions. Four prisoners were pardoned by then-Gov. George Ryan.

The torture dates back to 1973 and resulted in one man being in jail for 30 years based on a false confession via electrocution.

Burge only served three years in jail and will do his last year at a halfway house in Florida, noted the Chicago Tribune.

The City of Chicago paid over $66 million in civil lawsuits mostly to African-American men who were tortured, noted The Huffington Post. Millions more were spent on legal bills, bringing the grand total paid by the residents of Chicago to over $100 million.

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