Election of Tim Scott, First Black Senator Elected Since Reconstruction, Results In Racist Vitriol

Tim Scott has a lot to celebrate. The U.S. Representative from South Carolina who was chosen to fill the empty seat of Senator Jim DeMint in 2013 just officially won his election to the seat, and he won it handily, with 61% of the vote.

His election makes him the first black American to serve in the U.S. Senate from the South since Reconstruction, in 1881. It’s a major accomplishment for a man who grew up in a poor, single-parent household.

But some, including many blacks, aren’t too happy about his election, as Twitchy reports. Yes, he’s a black man – but they bring up a racist smear to insinuate that he’s the wrong type of black man – an “Uncle Tom.”

And in some hate-filled rants, no black conservative was safe, including the only black man on the Supreme Court, Justice Clarence Thomas.

The conversation took a particularly ugly turn when one Twitter user proclaimed that the Senator disdains his heritage.

If these people took a moment to actually look at Senator Scott’s policies and positions, they might realize how much of a champion they could have in him. His major legislative accomplishments include advances in education and job training that all Americans can benefit from.

And though Senator Scott rarely mentions his race, it was an integral part of his victory speech last night, as he spoke directly to the African American community.

BIG congratulations is in order for Tim Scott on his win and we have no doubt that he will do America proud.

Source: IJ Review

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