POLICE: Father Dressed Up Daughters, Had Them Sing “Let It Go”, Then Suffocated Them

Indianna, 3, and Savannah, 4

This week a court was provided with the heartbreaking details of the events leading up to the murder of two young sisters by their father.

Charles Mihayo, 36, who pleaded guilty to two counts of murder, apparently murdered Indianna, 3, and Savannah, 4, as an act of revenge against his estranged wife from whom he had separated in 2009. Four days before the Easter Sunday murders, Mihayo Googled “How can I kill my ex-wife” after he relinquished control over his daughters following  a legal dispute involving their custody.

Indianna, 3, and Savannah, 4
Indianna, 3, and Savannah, 4

Mihayo requested to see them one last time, so his former partner brought the girls over to his bungalow in a backyard while she remained in the property’s main house just yards away.

According to The Age within an hour of the girls’ visit Mihayo “bathed and dressed them, filmed them dancing to the song ‘Let It Go,’ [from the film ‘Frozen’] and then killed them.”

Mihayo then called the police to report a double homicide. When they arrived, he reportedly said “It’s done. I’ve killed them. I’ve killed my kids.

Source: [ID] CrimeFeed

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