Holder Supports Ban On Inter-State Gun Sales

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (Reuters / Jonathan Ernst)

United States Attorney General Eric Holder has gone on the record to oppose a lawsuit filed by Second Amendment advocates who say a federal ban against purchasing handguns out of state violates the US Constitution.

On Friday, Holder filed a 60-page motion rejecting a lawsuit filed in July that challenged a ban on how Americans acquire handguns, according to Courthouse News Service.

At the time, a coalition made up of federally licensed gun dealers, firearms buyers and the Citizens Committee for the Rights to Keep and Bear Arms group all filed a suit against the attorney general and the director of the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives because they said a law prohibiting the purchase of handguns outside of one’s home state violated their right to own firearms.

“This prohibition plainly reduces competition, raises prices, and limits consumers’ choices in the handgun market,” the plaintiffs said then.

Now, though, Holder has officially expressed his objection with that argument. According to Courthouse News, the attorney general responded to the suit and supported the defendant’s motion to dismiss.

David Lee, a reporter for Courthouse News, explained on Monday how Holder relied on a previous decision out of the Fifth Circuit to apply a “two-step” test to analyze the plaintiff’s argument.

Source: RT

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