SCUMBAG Arrested For Burning Veteran’s Graves

An arrest has finally been made after at least five incidents of vandalism that targeted veteran’s graves. Anthony Davis Carter, 29, was arrested on Veterans Day after he allegedly burned small American flags that marked veterans’ graves, stole flowers and charred gravestones. He placed the graveside items in a pile and burned them.

The vandalisms occurred between August and September. At least two graveyards in Bensalem, Penn. – Roosevelt Memorial Park and Rosedale Memorial Park – were damaged.

After a series of vandalisms in September, an officer patrolling one of the cemeteries found Carter walking through the lot with matches. Suspicious, the police officer asked Carter for a DNA sample. He agreed, and this Tuesday, police discovered his DNA matched samples found on a burnt flag.

He is currently in Bucks County prison, and his bail has been set at $10,000. When reporters asked how he felt about the charges, he replied, “I don’t feel bad.”

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