LUNACY: Student Suspended From School For Having Imaginary ‘Ray Gun’

A fifth-grader at Stacy Middle School in Milford, Massachusetts, was recently suspended for two days for pointing an imaginary ray gun and making laser noises. Yeah, you read that correctly…an imaginary ray gun.

Nickolas Taylor’s father, Brian, said that Stacy Middle School assistant principal Noah Collins claimed that two girls told him that Nickolas pointed the imaginary ray gun at the them and mouthed “pew-pew” sounds.

“I think this is very slanderous toward Nickolas and his character,” Nickolas’ father told the Milford Daily News. “It was non-threatening. He’s just a typical boy with an imagination.”

“He’s confused as to why he got suspended,” added Brian. “He doesn’t realize he did something wrong.”

While the school handbook does list toy weapons as a violation of school policy, there is no mention of imaginary objects.

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