SNOW-POCALYPSE: The 24 Photos That Show The Insane Snowfall In New York

 Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve undoubtedly heard of the insane amount of lake-effect snowfall that has engulfed areas of New York, with Buffalo being the hardest hit.

These are the photos of the snowpocalypse.


2. As a result of it being lake-effect snow, only certain areas are effected by it. You can actually see the snow/no snow divide in the clouds.


3. The clouds are quite ominous.


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4. With lake-effect snow, the weather can be significantly different in areas that are only miles apart.

One area may be engulfed in snow whereas an area within a few miles may not have any at all, save for snow that’s being carried on the wind.


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5. All is calm and then…BOOM…snow begins to fall at a rate of 3 to 5 inches PER HOUR.


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6. One of the craziest searches to do on Twitter is “Buffalo door” because you’ll find pictures like this…


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7. And like this…


Thanks Obama #snow #buffalo #blizzard #lakeeffect #winter A photo posted by jt76716 (@jt76716) on

8. And like this….

9. Believe it or not, people are literally trapped inside of homes and businesses.

10. According to this person’s Instagram caption, they’ve been stuck at work for more than 24 hours. That in and of itself would be a nightmare!


11. Welcome home…this is a garage!

12. In order to escape the confines of their homes, people are tunneling through the snow from the front door.

While it may seem ‘cool’ and ‘fun’, it would mean sudden death from suffocation should the snow tunnel collapse.

13. Once outside the walls of their home, people are finding their vehicles buried such as you see in the image below.


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14. Even if their vehicles weren’t buried in feet of snow, it doesn’t matter when the highways look like this…

15. And…more…

16. This unbelievable photo was taken from a second-story window!

A photo posted by @melbelinc on

17. If you have the munchies then you’re out of luck…unless you’re a thief.

18. There are reports of the snow being so bad in some places, that it’s busting through doors and windows, such as seen below.




22. So yeah, feel fortunate you don’t live in Buffalo, New York, right now.

A photo posted by Reynolds Wrap (@corey12xy44) on

23. Your neighborhood would look a lot like this…

24. With the only thing able to save you, being a path to the 7-11.

H/T: BuzzFeed

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