Teen Turns Himself In To Police After Realizing He Mugged Autistic Pedestrian

Connor Dawes, 19

In June of last year, Connor Dawes attacked a young man who had Asperger’s in Nuneaton, Warks. Dawes, who was 19 at the time the crime was committed, knocked the man down in the alley and proceeded to steal his coat, phone, and wallet.

As he was looking through the looking through the belongings that he had just stolen, it was then that he realized what he had done. It wasn’t long after when he turned himself in to authorities and in doing so, he referred to himself as “scum”.

Connor Dawes, 19
Connor Dawes, 19

Dawes told the police that he felt he should be locked up for mugging the victim that night, who has a form of autism.

On the day of his sentencing, the judge took Connor Dawes’ advice and in doing so, he handed down a sentence of two years of incarceration.

 “You may not have known this young man had Asperger’s, but you knew he was vulnerable because he was on his own at night,” Judge Silvia de Bertodano told Dawes at Warwick crown court.

“This is a young man who struggles in life, and he has described in moving terms how much worse that struggle has become as a result of this,” de Bertodano continued.

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