[WATCH] If Obama Had A Son: Man Accused of Raping 101-Year-Old Woman Struts Into Courtroom Smiling

Antoine Pettis, 20, of Milwaukee has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman who will soon be 102 years of age.

Upon entering the courtroom, Pettis wasted no time addressing the cameras by smiling and saying “Y’all gonna make me a celebrity.

According to court records, Pettis broke into the woman’s home near 36th and Florist on early on September  with the intent of burglarizing it but found nothing of value. The woman woke up while Pettis in her bedroom. After slapping her several times in the face, Pettis allegedly grabbed the victim’s wrists and proceeded to raped her.

Pettis was identified as a possible suspect through a DNA sample that was obtained from the victim and a DNA sample that was gathered from a male relative in a paternity case. Milwaukee police said Pettis was the second suspect in state history to be identified through familial DNA.

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