[WATCH] Teen Posed As 6th Grader To Recruit Victims For Child Pornography

Ricardo Lugo, 17

Ricardo Lugo, 17, used forged paperwork and was able to enroll in and attend Hurst Hills Elementary school in Texas as a 6th grader. In what appears to be an attempt to exploit young students at the school, Lugo was posing as a 12-year-old. He was arrested after he was found to be in possession of child pornography.

Ricardo Lugo, 17
Ricardo Lugo, 17

A man by the name of Randy Ray Wesson, 28, recruited Lugo through social media and posing as his father, he was able to enroll Lugo in school with the use of forged paperwork. The Hurst police department received a tip about this twisted partnership and eventually raided a Fort Worth home, thought to be Randy Ray Wesson’s, and during the raid they they seized a large amount of evidence of child pornography and exploitation of children.”

Ricardo Lugo was removed from the school this past Tuesday by Child Protective Services and the Hurst School District released the following statement:

Hurst Hills staff followed all procedures regarding enrollment when the student was enrolled in August. There was no indication that the student’s records were forged or that the student was too old to attend elementary school. The student’s behavior at school also did not raise any concerns.”

What is raising concerns with parents is the fear that their kids have been exploited, however police claim that so far that have not found any evidence of anyone from the school being victimized.

Alarmingly though Hurst Police Sergeant Craig Teague stated “We do believe that there will be child victims in our region.

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