Divorce Lawyer Charged For Hypnotizing Clients To Have Sex With Him

Ohio divorce lawyer Michael Fine is accused of hypnotizing clients into thinking he’s“the world’s greatest lover” and then making them perform sex acts with him.

The suspect has been practicing law—and hypnotism—for 30 years but the Lorain County Bar Association is seeking his immediate suspension, seeing that he poses a serious threat to the public.

Investigators started looking into the 57-year-old father of two after two women came forward, both seemingly involved with custody disputes, and said Fine performed unwanted sexual acts on them while they were under some kind of spell.

Michael Fine

Understandably, both victims were unable to remember specific details so one, known to the public as Jane Doe, recorded her next two conversations with Fine and turned them over to the police.

According to investigator Richard Thomas, in tapes recorded on October 10 and October 21, it was revealed Fine did indeed speak about Doe’s case, but then he seemed to place her into a trance and the discussion took an unexpected turn.

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