SAFETY WARNING: Officers Warned About Kids Toy Super Soaker Water Gun Capable of Firing Shotgun Slugs

Fresno Police Department in California busted 54-year-old Randy Smith for strutting around the streets of Fresno with a homemade shotgun hidden in the plastic shell of a Super Soaker watergun.

Look at this guy. That dude walking around with a plastic toy. How could that arouse suspicion?

As creepy as it is to hollow out a children’s toy to create a deadly weapon, you’ve got to admire Smith’s craftsmanship. He’s obviously a lunatic, but that “weapon” in the image supplied to ABC-30 in Fresno sure looks like a toy.

Genius craftsman or not, Smith is in a lot of trouble. Not only is making an improvised “zip gun” illegal, but Smith is an ex-con so he’s not allowed to possess firearms. He’s been charged on both counts.

Law enforcement in this great nation really have a tough job and it can only get worse. SCSO-FOP, Lodge 172, will post whatever it takes to keep you informed, alert and safe.

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