[WATCH] CHIEF MARK KESSLER: The ‘American Patriot’ Who’s Actually A Government Informant

Many of our followers have no doubt heard the name Chief Mark Kessler, an outspoken advocate of the Second Amendment who posted videos to Youtube where he spewed profane rants at “libtards”, as seen below.


During the Bundy Ranch debacle he was posting all sorts of anti-government rants on Facebook.

During the time when Tahmoorsi was being held captive in a Mexican prison for crossing the border with firearms in his possession. Kessler went so far as to rally ‘troops’ and recruit followers to join his “Constitutional Security Force”, telling them that they would all bust the marine out of the prison, no matter what it takes.

People across the nation, many of whom are involved with patriot and militia groups, considered Mark Kessler as true ‘three percenter’, someone they would fight shoulder-to-shoulder with while covered in mud and blood from the battlefield.

I, on the other hand, have always been suspicious of Kessler. Why? Because no one in their right mind would behave the way he did and make the comments that he was recorded saying. Simply put, he was a loose cannon that I was certain would end up in jail because of his mouth. Although I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, something never seemed quite right about the guy.

As it turns out, my suspicions about him were confirmed when Kessler appeared on the Alan Colmes radio show on Fox News this past Monday, December 1st.

While he was on the show, former police chief Mark Kessler made one of the most shocking revelations Alan, much less anyone who had ever considered him a brother in arms, had ever heard and Kessler said he was exposing it for the first time anywhere.

Kessler claimed that the federal government put him up to making the Youtube videos in order to attract “the worst of the worst” and said the videos even led to arrests of “lone wolf” terrorists. In other words, he was a government informant who was snitching on men and women who considered him a friend and confidant.

When Kessler was questioned as to whether or not he genuinely feels the way he speaks in the videos Kessler responded with “absolutely not”. Kessler claims he jumped on the opportunity to work with the federal government to advance his law enforcement career and although he was reimbursed for some of his work, it was purely voluntary.

When Colmes presses Kessler further on information on who he was working with, he continues to say he cannot expose the ongoing operations. Kessler also claimed that his videos attracted thousands and thousands of people to the attention of the federal government. At that point he says they would begin investigating individuals for possible violent intentions. Kessler claims his job was to gather intel and states that his work led to the arrest of individuals deemed “a threat to society”.



KESSLER: I signed up with those agencies, several different agencies and began an operation where I was just a magnet. I was sent out there to attract the worst of the worst and frankly it worked.
COLMES: You were sent out by whom?
KESSLER: I was sent out for, well I can’t really say exactly who but, I was sent out by agencies to go out and attract and investigate, whatever I can do to find out who’s who and what’s what among these groups. When I say groups, I’m talking about Second Amendment groups, patriot groups, alleged patriot groups, militia groups.

KESSLER: They were put out by me and they were put out by the people that I worked for at the time.
COLMES: Were you not working for the police department of Gilberton PA?
KESSLER: No I wasn’t
COLMES: Were you working for the federal government?
KESSLER: Yes, I can’t say what agency.

KESSLER: I couldn’t tell anybody. I just couldn’t, it was complete deniability. I could not say a word to anyone about the operation. So again it was bigger than me. I’d seen an opportunity to advance my law enforcement career, and there was no way I was going to turn it down.
COLMES: Is this the first time you revealed this?
KESSLER: Yes absolutely, yep
COLMES: Were you promised a job by somebody in the federal government to do this?
KESSLER: No, it was volunteer work.
COLMES: What was in it for you?
KESSLER: I got to save a lot of lives, I can tell you that.

KESSLER: I’m happy to say that we took down several plotted attacks that didn’t go through, we took down a group in Georgia. We took down a group in Texas.
COLMES: Can you name any of the groups you took down?
KESSLER: The Triple X Minutemen is one group.
COLMES: Who are they?
KESSLER: They are from the Georgia area, and they were planning to blow up a federal building.
COLMES: Any other groups you can cite that you took down?
KESSLER: We took some lone wolves down in Texas that were militia guys, I should’t say militia, they were wanna be terrorists.


Folks, this is the very reason why you don’t confide in anyone that you haven’t known on a personal level for a lengthy amount of time. All of this being revealed brings one question to mind: how many more Kesslers are there among us?

With surveillance programs and the use of undercover informants, America is mimicking the plot of George Orwell’s 1984. What will you do to halt the creeping tyranny?

H/T: Fox News

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