[WATCH] Black Cop Makes Fools Out of Protesters Attempting to Lecture Him On Racism

A video that was recorded by a protester in California is going viral after UCLA students asked a black police officer: “As a person of color, are you ashamed to be part of such a corrupt system? As a black man have you ever experienced racism?”

The officer said yes and told them his life story.

“I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, okay? Where the restrooms had ‘colored only’ and ‘whites only.’ I couldn’t ride in the front of the bus,” he said. “My mom had to sit in the back with all of us. So, I grew up in the Deep South when I was 16-years-old, so I know racism, okay? I can spot it.”

Then the cop asked one of the protest leaders this question: “What do you do to help the community, in your free time?”

“I’m a college student!” she answered. “I’m conducting research – this is a part of my research! This is what black people experience and how they experience it. I’m bringing things into my community academically.”

“You are kept down by your race even if you won’t accept it! It is a fact of your life!” she added. “You’re a black man! You will never reach the same pinnacle as a white man in this system because you are black!”

The officer said that in his free time he goes into his community and helps students without pay and said “it doesn’t matter what race they are.”

The protesters responded that it does matter.

“So, I should go to a school and volunteer and tell all the African-American students, ‘I want to help you out,’ but all the others, the Asians, the Hispanic kids, not help them out?” the officer asked.

“YES!” they yelled in unision.

“That’s wrong! C’mon!” he replied.

Watch the video below:


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