Iran Hangs 18 Kurdish Prisoners

Iranian government use execution to scare Kurdish political prisoners

By Sharif Falah, Basnews

Iran has started to execute Kurdish political prisoners


The Iranian authorities has executed 18 Iranian Kurdish prisoners from several prisons in the country.

According to an Iranian media report, on Tuesday, three men and a woman from Urmia prison, three prisoners from Bandar Abbas prison and 11 other prisoners from Karaj Qizilhasar prison were executed.

The victims from Urmia Prison were; Yadulla Fahimi, Muhtar Dawudkha, Manuchehr Rezayi and his wife Marziyeh Ostwar.

According to Iranian Justice Ministry, they were executed on charges of drug dealings.

Moreover, in Bandar Abbas Jail, the executed prisoners were; Alireza Qurbani, Ali Akbar Nouradini and Hussen Shaho Zehi and Iranian government has said that they were hanged on charges of smuggling drugs into the country.

Furthermore, the Justice Ministry said the other 11 prisoners of Karaj Qizilhasar prison have been executed for the same reason.

News reports stated that the prisoners of Karaj Qizilhasar prison started hunger strike due to the condition of the prison before being executed.

Iranian government often intentionally accuse prisoners for drug related crimes, but actually they are political activists working for human rights and freedom and majority of them are Kurds.

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