Moments after terrifying beating of wife captured by police body cameras

Moments after terrifying beating of wife captured by police

body cameras


ISLE OF WIGHT, UK — A graphic video showing the moments before and after the arrest of an abusive husband has been released by police. Michael John Gregory, 77, is now serving a 10-year prison sentence.

The abused woman, Gale Marmoy, hopes the video will help other victims escape their abusers.  She believes her life was saved when Hampshire Police arrived her the door. They were responding to an emergency call. Gregory casually tells police officers that he is busy cooking a meal.

“The last time he was punching me, I thought ‘this is it’, you’re going to die tonight. I was thinking of my children, my grandchildren. He just meant to do me harm, which he did, but I didn’t realize how much harm, I was terrified.”  Gale Marmoy said in a release from the Hampshire Constabulary.

Police insisted on entering the home.  Once inside they found Gale Marmoy with her face bruised, beaten and barely recognizable.

The entire incident was captured on body-worn video cameras in October 2013.

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