[VIDEO] Family Takes Matters Into Own Hands After Spotting Trio Who Robbed Their Home

An Alabama family that had fallen victim to a home burglary last week happened to spot the suspected intruders Sunday as they drove down the street — and they didn’t let them escape.

According to WBRC-TV, members of the Wyatt family coincidentally spotted the three alleged intruders as the trio drove down a neighborhood road after committing yet another robbery.


Upon seeing them, the family followed their vehicle, stopped them and held them at gunpoint until police arrived on the scene.

“They happened to drive by and we seen them drive by and we knew it was them and we stopped them,” Chris Wyatt told WBRC.

“They tried to say that they were lost and we corrected them where they were,” he added.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies shortly thereafter arrived on the scene and took a man and two women into custody. Officers also recovered some known stolen goods from their vehicle,WBRC reported.

Surveillance footage had captured the suspects breaking into the Wyatt family home Friday. The trio allegedly stole two televisions and several Christmas presents that included gifts for the family’s 1-year-old son.

Just two days later, deputies responded to another burglary where a computer monitor, trumpet knife collection and jewelry were among things stolen, WBRC reported, citing Chief Deputy Randy Christian. As officers investigated the crime at that house, they received a phone call from the Wyatt family notifying them the suspects were being detained at gunpoint.


Sarah Wyatt told WBRC they hope they will get their stolen items back.

“Sure hope so, if they don’t at least we’re all safe and in one piece and they are off the street for now,” she said.

WBRC noted that if the detained individuals were responsible for the burglaries, there is still another individual at large since surveillance video showed two men breaking into the Wyatt residence, but only one was ultimately taken into custody.

H/T: Mail Online

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