Developing— Sony Pictures Entertainment has walked out on “The Interview” The Film will NOT be released in any form — including VOD or DVD.

The Interview Seth Rogen James Franco


Sony Pictures Entertainment has walked out on “The Interview,” deciding against releasing the Seth RogenJames Franco comedy in any form — including VOD or DVD.

“Sony Pictures has no further release plans for the film,” a spokesman said Wednesday.

The studio issued the statement a few hours after pulling the planned Christmas Day release of “The Interview” in the U.S. in response to the hackers who threatened to attack movie theaters and moviegoers if the comedy were released.

By late Wednesday afternoon, the studio had removed any mention of “The Interview” from its official web site.  

The move could open the door for Sony to sell the rights to a rival distributor — though Hollywood is still reeling from Tuesday’s invocation of a possible 9/11-type terrorist attack on exhibitors if they screened “The Interview.”

Prior to the decision to pull the film, a Sony Pictures insider had told Variety that the studio was weighing releasing the film on premium video-on-demand. Such a move would have allowed the studio to recoup some of the film’s $42 million budget and tens of millions in promotion and advertising expenditures.


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