SHOCKING: Mother Murders Son With Rock and Knife, Here’s The Deranged Reason Why

Lindsay Nicole Blansett, 33

A woman in Wellington, Kansas, has been charged with first degree murder following her confession that killed her 10-year old child while he was asleep.

A 911 call was received from the house just before midnight on Monday and when police arrived they found the boy, Caleb, dead at the scene and immediately took Blansett into custody.

Lindsay Nicole Blansett, 33
Lindsay Nicole Blansett, 33

In a police statement, Lindsay Nicole Blansett, 33, said she murdered her son with a knife and rock. The deranged reason why? She “decided he would be better off in heaven than to face the world’s problems.” 

According to the police report, Blansett is accused of bludgeoning him with the rock and then stabbing him in the chest with a knife.

Kerwin Spencer, the county attorney, stated that Blansett “intentionally and with premeditation” killed her son, Caleb Blansett. “That is what we intend to prove.”

If convicted on the charge of murder in the first degree, Blansett could be sentenced to life in prison.

Blansett also has a daughter, but the girl was not harmed or involved in the incident. She has been taken into state custody and released to family for the time being.

Source: WDN

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