Al “The race Baiter” Sharpton stepping in the Sony hack deal Stating “Let’s See Some Action”

Rev. Al Sharpton

Meets with Amy Pascal

All Talk … Let’s See Some Action

Al Sharpton is willing to give Sony Pictures chief Amy Pascal a chance to prove she’ll do the right thing for African Americans, but he says, “The proof is in the pudding and you don’t know until you eat it.”

Sharpton tells TMZ he met with Pascal for 90 minutes Thursday in NYC, and she admitted she was “wrong and silly” to engage producer Scott Rudin in speculation that Prez Obama only likes “black movies.”

Sharpton says the head of the National Urban League was also on hand and told her they were “outraged” by her comments. She said it was “an isolated incident,” but Sharpton retorted it was indicative of a bigger problem in Hollywood … no blacks at the top.

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