Here Are SIX Other Movies About North Korea That No One Lost Their Sh*t Over

It’s possible Sony and the makers of The Interview didn’t realize how controversial The Interview would be, considering it’s a film about the American government enlisting a celebrity interviewer and his producer to assassinate Kim Jong-Un. Not “generic North Korean dictator,” but the actual, real-life one that currently rules the country.

It is not going well.

Hackers uncovered a trove of emails from Sony executives and actors working with the studio, and the vague threats they’ve made about attacking movie theaters has let to the top chains in the country refusing to screen it.

In other words, all it takes is some vague threats by people who may or may not be linked to the North Korean government whose threat level DHS has deemed basically nonexistent to get movie theaters to cower.

But this isn’t the first movie to make North Korea the bad guys, and yet it seems to be the one everyone’s losing their shit over.

So without further ado, here’s a list of American films, in which North Korea is portrayed as the villain, that no one lost their shit over:




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