[WATCH] The Kim Jong-Un Death Scene LEAKED From Sony’s ‘The Interview’

Welp. This was inevitable.

No matter how desperately Sony Pictures tries to prevent The Interview from seeing the light of day following terror threats from North Korea-sponsored hackers, the climactic scene in which Dear Leader Kim Jong-Un is killed (in extraordinarily violent fashion) has leaked onto the Internet.

Suffice it to say: From here on out, it will surely never disappear. After one YouTube iteration is removed, another will pop up, and then another. Or it’ll end up on lesser-known video sharing sites. Or live in torrent form.

Defamer first previewed the clip on Monday, but removed it shortly thereafter. They also explored the leaked emails between Rogen and Sony execs, in which the co-director and actor became exasperated with the studio’s repeated demands for a less graphic death scene.

And so this is the final product. The death scene that was apparently seen by the State Department and has effectively led to the movie being shelved altogether for fear of terrorism.

YouTube had removed the video, but we have it for you here. So, without further ado, here you go:



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