Breaking– FBI Officially says North Korea ‘responsible’ for Sony hack, US weighs response


How vulnerable is US infrastructure to hackers?


The FBI on Friday blamed North Korea for the cyber-attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment.

“The FBI now has enough information to conclude that the North Korean government is responsible for these actions,” the FBI said in a statement on Friday.


The hacking attack at Sony Pictures Entertainment has spurred calls for the U.S. government to rapidly shore up its cyber defenses and, once the investigation is complete, fire back at the attackers.

A federal law enforcement official told Fox News on Friday that the FBI plans to release a statement officially blaming North Korea – before President Obama’s press conference, planned for 1:30 p.m. ET. Though such a statement had been expected earlier this week, a source close to the discussions told Fox News the government had to first notify various parties, including security firms. The statement has gone through multiple reviews by government agencies and lawyers.

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