STUDY: Law Enforcement Is The Most Obese Profession

A study on the prevalence of obesity by occupation found nearly half the cops, firefighters and security guards in the United States are obese. Economists, scientists and psychologists scored the lowest rates of obesity.

Law enforcement personnel scored 40.7 percent on the American Journal of Preventive Medicine’s report for highest obesity rates in professions. Other jobs with high obesity rates were social workers, home health aides, truckers and garbage collectors ranging between 32 to 35 percent.

police_obese_featuredThe study said the average American worker scored 27.7 percent. On the other side of the obesity scale, professions with low obesity rates are athletes, actors, reporters, economists and scientists.

The report comes as American companies have started to rethink policies and consider what they can do to help reduce obesity rates for one third of US adults that make up many of their employees.

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