[WATCH] WHERE IS AL SHARPTON? Three Black Thugs Kill Hispanic Woman In North Dallas

Three men are now behind bars for the death of Irma Martinez, 49, who was murdered while waiting to for her son to finish a Dallas Police Explorers Program meeting at a friends’ home.

Irma Martinez was shot Monday night while sitting in her parked car in the 1700 block of Greendale Drive in Pleasant Grove. Police said two men approached her, robbed her and killed her.

On Friday, the Fort Worth police department announced the arrest of 19-year-old John Paul Manuel, 26-year-old Antwan Tovar and 18-year-old Terrance Brown.

The break for police came when the three men were first arrested for child sex trafficking and arresting officers began connecting dots on the type of car they were in — the same type seen leaving the Martinez murder.

Detectives began checking ads on an adult website and discovered women meeting men for sex at cheap motels. Police had recently pulled two underage girls from the sex trade who were being prostituted by the same three men involved in the murder.

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The men were stopped in a car that matched witness descriptions and officers found a gun that is believed to be the murder weapon.

Manuel also admitted his involvement, police said. All three men now face capital murder charges.

victim_featuredMartinez’s husband of 20 years, Alexis Castro, says he’s trying to be strong for his family. He describes Martinez as a hardworking, loving mother of four and grandmother to five.

“She a very good mother,” he said. “She’d take care of the kids, she’d take care of me, she’d take care of the house and she’d keep the family close.”

Castro also says Martinez would have fought with the criminals.

Martinez’ funeral was held on Friday afternoon and her body will be returned to her native Honduras.

Source: MyFoxDFW

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