[VIDEO] SCARBOROUGH: Cop Killers Are ‘Fueled by Avalanche of Hate Speech’

Morning Joe host, Joe Scarborough

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough said Monday morning that the murder of two NYPD officers in a vicious ambush in Bedstuy Saturday night was “fueled by an avalanche of hate speech” aimed at the police.

Morning Joe host, Joe Scarborough
Morning Joe host, Joe Scarborough

“In the end, words matter most,” a black-clad Scarborough said. “To listen to protesters, editors, and left-wing talking heads go on and on since the shooting of Michael Brown, you would be led to believe that white police officers were randomly driving through black neighborhoods searching for young black males to shoot down.”

Scarborough cited “Hands up, don’t shoot” protests from the St. Louis Rams and select lawmakers, captions by the New York Times, and especially New York City protests, running a video showing a portion of the march chanting about “dead cops.”

“Those marches in New York show just how much hatred against police officers has been stirred up over the past four months by constant anti-police propaganda,” Scarborough said, including “cable news” in his critique. (In the aftermath of the Darren Wilson grand jury decision, Scarborough sniped at his MSNBC colleagues over what he called an anti-cop reaction.)

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:



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