Homeowners Set Up The App #Manythings To Watch the Dogs While at Work. What They Saw Instead Had Police Rushing to the Scene.

Homeowners Set Up Doggy Cam to Watch Family Pet. What They Saw Instead Had Police Rushing to the Scene.



The camera on an old smartphone connected to the Internet was intended to show a couple of Arizona homeowners what their dogs were doing while they were at work. The monitoring system did just that, but also caught something far more important: A burglar inside their home.

Image: Screen capture ABC15.com

The monitoring system used by this homeowner was an iPhone app called Manything. It allows someone to set up a smartphone link to the web via Wi-Fi and see what the phone’s camera can see.

When the Tempe, Arizona, homeowner checked the system from her work computer, she spotted a strange man entering the room where the camera was set up.

Image: Screen capture ABC15.com

As she called police, the homeowner actually witnessed the intruder feeding treats to her dogs in an effort to stop them from barking.

Image: Screen capture ABC15.com

Shortly after the crook was seen feeding the dogs, he noticed the camera and turned it off. However, it was too late. The 911 call had been made and cops were en route.

Police responded quickly, surrounding the property. They nabbed the would-be burglar in the alley as he exited the back of the house. He reportedly confessed to the arresting officer that he was trying to steal an X-Box gaming system.

Image: Screen capture ABC15.com

Tempe Police Lt. Scott Smith told a reporter, “We couldn’t have asked for anything more in terms of getting real-time intelligence and reporting to us so that we could bring the appropriate resources, we could respond appropriately and safely.”

Watch the local ABC affiliate report.


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