More Arrests in Threats to New York City Police Officers

Two more people have been charged with threatening NYPD officers, including one who allegedly called a threat into the grieving police precinct of two officers who were slain last weekend.

The NYPD said 41-year-old Tyrone Melville allegedly called the 84th precinct switchboard, where the slain officers were based, at 4:30 a.m. Tuesday and said he wanted to kill more police.

When Melville allegedly called the precinct, he identified himself as the dead suspect, Ismaayil Brinsley, and asked for Officer Ramos.

According to police, the officer who answered the phone said, “Is this a joke?” Melville answered that he was looking for Officer Ramos so he could remove the bullets from his head and “shoot more of you guys.”

Melville was arrested at his Upper Manhattan home and charged with felony making terroristic threats and aggravated harassment.

In a separate arrest, 26-year-old Jose Maldonado of Brooklyn posted a threat to kill police on Facebook. “Might just go out and kill two cops myself!!!” he allegedly posted, along with pictures of the two officers lying in the streets, and photos of a Tech 9 and a MAC-10.

Detectives spotted his threatening Facebook posts on Christmas Eve morning, and he surrendered to detectives in the 90th Precinct by the end of the day. He was charged with felony making terroristic threats, police said.

Six people have now been charged with threatening the NYPD in days following the shooting.
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