DEVELOPING: Mall of America to Sue Anti-Cop Protest Leaders For Demonstrating On Their Property

I’m sorry… that is private property and if they tell you not to protest there, you don’t have the right to throw a hissy fit. Nope, instead on social media these radicals are cherry picking pics of cops to make them look like Big Brother and the bad guys.

They were there doing their jobs, protecting people from each other and protecting the businesses in that mall from rioters and protesters. I don’t blame the mall for suing over this – it is a business and they have their customer’s safety to consider.

They warned the protesters, who did not listen naturally and now they have to pay the piper. No sympathy here.

From BizPac Review:

Social media went viral over the Mall of America’s plans to sue the organizers of weekend protests. Groups took over the mall despite policies against demonstrating.

A few of the responses suggested performing another mass protest or a boycott if Mall of America went forward with the lawsuit.

And from Jezebel:

On Saturday, protesters gathered inside the Mall of America to draw attention to police violence, just like many groups of people have, in many different cities, to increasingly alarming levels of backlash and resistance. The Mall of America is a public space big enough to hold Yankee Stadium seven times over, but it is also private property, and the peaceful protesters were warned that they would be violating property rights.

They protested anyway, staging a die-in and producing a series of truly Orwellian images:

The warning on that sign was broadcasted on a loudspeaker, and protesters were warned that they had to leave or face arrest. Around 25 people were arrested, “mainly for reasons such as trespassing.”

Later that day, Mall of America issued a statement:

“It’s clear from their actions that these political activists were more concerned about making a political statement and creating a media event than they were about the safety of others, who came to Mall of America for an afternoon of shopping and family entertainment,” it reads.

I would argue that the safety of others was quite high on the list of these people’s priorities, but one must always be forced to hear both sides.

Anyway, a local CBS affiliate reports that Bloomington City Attorney Sandra Johnson is building a criminal case against the protest organizers, and will file charges against them soon. Johnson will “try to get restitution for money lost by the mall, the city and police agencies that came from as far away as Hastings and Red Wing.” My god, how many more dollars need be lost before people in America get their heads on straight?

Now the incessant belly aching begins saying that property rights and money are more valued than black lives. Horse puckey. All lives matter and you have been sucked into a faux movement meant to further the agenda of Marxists. Get a clue. Part of the Jezebel post rants on about how the situation was “potentially very dangerous,” because one might draw the conclusion that the police being brought in with guns blazing is the factor that brought actual danger into the equation. Really? What blazing guns? Was there a massacre by the police I didn’t hear about? It was also pointed out that it was the police’s choice to partially shut down the mall in order to rout out the protesters – well, good. They are doing their jobs. And Jezebel comparing this hooligan protest to raising money for cancer victims is just ludicrous, simply because there were no injuries or damages. Unless of course you count the damage to the mall, its owners and all those who were just trying to shop for Christmas. Failed logic.



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