[WATCH] Here Are The Top 10 Videos of 2014, As We Saw it

From planes to protests to presidents – and even the odd pitched battle. Plenty of videos gave us pause for thought in 2014, bringing a new dimension to news stories from around the world.

Immediate aftermath of MH17 crash

Amateur video surfaced showing the horrific aftermath of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine, which killed all 298 people on board in July.

Millions march in New York

A time-lapse video depicting December’s Millions March in New York City shows just how many people took to the streets to protest against police brutality in America.

Maidan burning

Fresh clashes between rioters and police erupted in central Kiev on February 19, a day after talks between the Ukrainian government and the opposition collapsed.

Drone causes mayhem at Serbia v Albania football match

A dull game looked to be heading for a 0-0 draw as Serbia took on Albania in a Euro 2016 qualifier in Belgrade in October. With visiting fans banned from Partizan Stadium for security reasons, due to the tensions surrounding Kosovo, a drone carrying a ‘Greater Albania’ flag flew over the pitch, with a Serbia player, Stefan Mitrovic calmly plucking it out of the air.

Missile strike causes chaos in Gaza

Palestinians in Kahn Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, were sent running for cover after an Israeli rocket struck on July 12. Dozens of locals were left in shock and fled the vicinity, which was quickly surrounded by smoke.

Ferguson erupts

The St. Louis suburb of Ferguson turned into a virtual warzone, with cars and buildings set ablaze. Locals took to the streets following the acquittal of white policeman Darren Wilson, who faced charges of unlawfully killing black teenager Michael Brown.

Putin and Obama not seeing eye to eye

Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama may have seemed to have been giving one another a friendly glance. However nothing could have been further from the truth as the image was captured by two separate cameras and displayed on a big screen, with Putin and Obama nowhere near one another.

FEMEN’s topless protest in Paris

Twenty-five FEMEN activists were arrested in Paris in October after carrying out their trademark topless protest in front of the Palace of Justice to rally against a sentence given to fellow member Yana Zhdanova for exhibitionism.

Donetsk airport in ruins

Just under three years ago, Donetsk’s brand new airport, which cost in the region of half-a-billion dollars, was opened ahead of Euro 2012 Football Championships. Today it has been reduced to rubble, with Ukrainian government forces and local militias fighting over the strategic location for over six months.

Indian men meet their match

When three men began harassing two sisters on a bus in India, the last thing they expected was the young women striking back, beating their attackers with belts, while other passengers sat idle. The video went viral and prompted police to arrest the assailants.


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