[PHOTO]Play-Doh Has Come Under Fire After Deleting Complaints From Parents Over A Toy That Looks Like This

Hasbro, maker of the classic childhood toy Play-Doh, has said on its Facebook page that it will replace a piece in its “Cake Mountain” play set after receiving complaints from parents.

The icing maker in the play set, which allows children to decorate a plastic cake with the popular modeling clay, resembled a part of the male anatomy according to social media reports and parental complaints.


Reports on the product have been around for several weeks, and Play-Doh said it was planning to replace the offending piece. However, the change was not made in time for Christmas and the Play-Doh Facebook page was flooded with complaints shortly after Dec. 25.


Here’s a question: how did these even get to the point of being for sale without anyone at Play-Doh stopping and saying, “hey, wait a minute, this toy looks a lot like a dildo?” If ever there was an epic fail by a children’s company, this was it, but I’m not buying that there wasn’t at least one person who didn’t see the similarities.


Hasbro says customers who purchased the toy can call for areplacement part by calling 800-327-8264.

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