[VIDEO] Bystanders Watch Little Boy TRASH Store, But A Stranger Finally Steps In

We don’t know what made this boy so upset that he had to walk through a Dollar General store and aisle by aisle rip item after item off the shelves.

We do know that several adults, including the guy filming the video, stood by for several minutes too amused to stop the kid’s rampage.

A YouTube user uploaded a video on Monday that shows him trailing a little boy as he destroyed a local dollar store.

It isn’t clear if the boy is on his own or with a family member. What is clear is that he gallivants through the store, knocking over items and tearing down shelves.

Eventually, one man had enough and took the child by the back of his shirt and led him out the front door as an employee says police are on the way.

The man recording repeatedly refers to the little boy as “jit,” which is a slang term for a little kid or a punk.

After three minutes of following the boy around the store, the man and a companion corner the boy in an aisle. He raises an item off the shelf in preparation to throw it, before another stranger comes in from behind and picks the kid up to bring him outside.

As the little boy struggles with his captor, he tells the man that he isn’t afraid.

“I’m glad you ain’t afraid cause I ain’t either. Let’s go,” the man responds.

He later got in an apparent scuffle with the child in the parking lot.


Let’s be clear, it’s the PARENT who should have their ASS KICKED because this is a clear indication that they are FAILING as a parent!


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