[VIDEO] Man Drives Himself To Hospital With Butcher Knife Stuck In Head

A man drove more than two hours to a hospital with a butcher knife sticking out of his head after being stabbed multiple times while at a party in Agua Branca, Brazil.

Juacelo Nunes, 39,  claims he got into an argument at the party and was stabbed after a man called three others to attack him.

Hospital director Giberto Albuquerque said that “the knife passed through several nerves and veins, structures that can quickly kill a patient.”

After the nearly 12-inch blade was carefully removed from Nunes’ head, it was given to police who are investigating the incident while the attackers remain at large.

Doctors report that Nunes is recovering very well considering the severity of the injury. He also received two knife wounds to the throat, chest, and shoulder.

“I did not see the moment of the stabbing, but at no time fainted and remained conscious even with pain,” Nunes said. “I thought I would die and only came to believe when I saw what happened to me, because if someone told me I would not have believed it.”

His wife explained that she was shocked when first seeing the knife in her husband’s skull. “I did not believe when I saw my husband like that,” Francisca Pereira said.

“I thought he was going to die. It was a miracle.”

Source: WPVI-TV

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