[WATCH] HARASSING A HERO: Protesters Crash WWII Veteran’s Medal Ceremony

Dario Raschio, a veteran of U.S. Navy, was all smiles on Saturday as he awaited a special honor from U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, who joined him at Portland Community College’s Southeast Campus to present the 100-year-old with a handful of medals.

Photo credit: Kristyna Wentz-Graff

“I feel I’m no hero,” said Raschio, dynamic and spry, before the event. “I don’t accept it as being a hero. I accept it as being a part of my job.”

Unfortunately, the ceremony was rudely interrupted by protesters.

Raschio was supposed to be presented with medals by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), but soon after the meeting began, more than 100 protesters emerged, shouting “hands-up, don’t shoot!” and “I can’t breathe!”

The protesters did not stop until Rashcio spoke up and said, “Give me a chance. At least let us show a little respect for this occasion.”

Raschio made a brief speech after accepting his honor from Senator Wyden. As soon as he was done the protesters resumed their shouting, which ultimately led to Raschio left the meeting early.

Oregon Live reported:

He was awarded the U.S. Naval Aviator Badge, the American Campaign Medal, the Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, the World War II Victory medal, the American Defense Service Medal, the “Ruptured Duck” award and the U.S. Navy Honorable discharge pin.

He was also given a flag flown over the U.S Capitol.


He accepted the medals on behalf of those who died in WWII and ended his short speech by saying, “God bless America. And you people that are here for a cause, whatever it might be—show respect to Sen. Wyden.”

Wyden took back the mic, and followed up, “One of the reasons that we can come here today and be heard and express our views is because of veterans like Dario.”

But before Raschio could even sit down the unrest resumed. A protester at the front of the room announced that “for 4.5 minutes we are going to take time to pay respect to everybody who has been killed by police in this nation.”

Watch the clip above.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear; if you participate or support this kind of nonsense, you are the lowest form of scum on earth and you deserve to be dealt with swiftly and painfully. As far as I’m concerned, if you disrespect a WWII veteran like this…your life isn’t worth shit, regardless of whether you’re red, yellow, black, or white!

Source: Oregon Live

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